Mug Swap – Sent

No worries…my gal should have received her mug by now. :)

I spent a couple of days trying to get to know the person I had to send a mug to (via her blog).  Nothing popped out at me (as for her style or favorite color, personality, etc…).  Sometimes this is a good thing.  It makes me think that she would be thrilled with anything (making it easy for me to just choose something).

Well…I’m a people pleaser (so just choosing something…anything isn’t easy for me), so I read her “about me” page several times, looked at different content, pictures, etc… that she had posted on her blog and then searched online for various key words.  Then…I saw it.  The cup that I felt would fit her well (not a clue if it will, but I felt good about it). I liked the design on the cup, the size, the colors (or lack thereof) and the verse it said.  Perfect!

And, since I’m a people pleaser, I don’t want my person (Melissa) to feel like she got gypped if she doesn’t like the cup, so I threw in a $5 Starbucks gift card (this much I was able to get from her blog…she likes Starbucks). :) I then went another step and made her two gift card (or business card) holders using this tutorial.  I didn’t think to take pictures of them (made them at the crack of dawn and was ready to just seal up the box so it was ready to ship out).  I was able to use my new sewing machine (new as in I got it back in December, but just opened the box in July and just used it for the very first time while making these gift card/business card holders).

Let’s just say that I’m in love with my new sewing machine. It’s a slight upgrade from my last one (even the same brand), but it has some great features that my last one didn’t have (like telling me when my bobbin thread is almost out and an even easier, fool proof way of self-threading the needle, and the list goes on).  Ok…got off topic, didn’t I?

Ok, so on to the cup (mug).  What did it look like?  This is actually something I did remember to take a picture of.  The outside is grays, blacks and a light green.  The inside is this green color (not sure why I didn’t get a pic of that…oh well).

What a fun swap! I love the excitement of waiting to see who you get (and who gets you…can’t wait to find this out). I had fun trying to get to know my girl. I will definitely do this again next year (Kim…you ARE doing this again…k). :)



  1. So pretty! Great job!


    Aug 17 at 9:28 am

  2. you did great!!! thank you so much for taking so much time to get to know me and pick out THE PERFECT MUG!!! you are such a sweetie and i look forward to knowing you more:))))

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