Some of My Favorite Craft Blogs

Since I haven’t created anything in a while, I thought it would be fun to list some of my favorite crafting blogs that I follow.  I love finding new blogs to follow (whether crafting or something else) so I thought you might enjoy exploring some possibly new blogs.  And please feel free to share some of your favorite crafting blogs (or blogs in general).

Oh, Fransson!
This blog has so many unique quilts displayed. All created by Elizabeth Hartman. She is one crafty lady! I love her choice in fabric colors and her quilt patterns are so unique! I found out about her by purchasing a quilt pattern of hers on Etsy (to make Brody’s baby quilt). Since then, I’ve followed her blog and enjoy reading her posts.

Make And Takes
This is a popular parenting site sharing kids crafts, home projects, easy recipes, parenting tips, and more. Everything posted is something to “make and take”. Whether it’s a holiday craft for kids, an easy way to spruce up your home decor, baking a delicious dessert, or a product review/giveaway, you’ll be able to make or take something.

How About Orange
This site features craft project how-tos, decorating ideas, printable downloads, useful design resources, and lots of inspiration for people who like to create things.

Homemade by Jill
This blog started as a record of all of Jill’s creations … mostly to show her mom. Since then she has become a mother, and now has a passion for creating handmade items for her two children, as well as for friends, family, and her home.

At Second Street
A mother of four who finds time to create, coming up with many ideas on her own.  She has such fun things that anyone could make.

Moda Bakeshop
This site has so many free tutorials on a range of cool things to make using Moda fabrics.  I love how simple the projects look.  I have several of these tutorials on my “want to do some day” list. :)

I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar!
This site is full of tutorials and fun, funky ones. Monday to Thursday features a new craft/project each day. Feature Friday she makes something from someone else’s tutorial. Soapbox Saturday she shares something she thinks everyone should know about. OR Sharing Saturday she lists some reader questions and everyone helps out by answering them. Sunshine Sunday she shows you some photos she’s taken throughout the week that show what she’s thankful for.

Three sisters and eleven kids. Can you imagine? This site has so many tutorials and fun things that these three sisters share with everyone.

Crafts & Sutch
A girl who is the “jack of all trades” when it comes to crafting. She has the “I can make that” syndrome. She has some fun creations worth checking out.

She had two goals when it came to this blog.  To share ideas and to help the Sewer of any skill-level realize that they can sew without a store-bought pattern.  She thinks it’s not difficult to recreate something that’s already been done or to figure out how to manufacture an idea in your head. You just need to understand some basics of how clothes are put together. She offers many great tutorials.

Shwin & Shwin
These two sisters are super crafty! One sews clothes, the other use to be a model, who now creates concoctions for your face and body. Together they have created a blog to share their creations.

A Girl And A Glue Gun
I swear this girl can make anything with a glue gun. She offers great tutorials on how to make some very cool things. I’ve bookmarked several of her items to make some time.

The Idea Room
This blog has tons of tutorials, ideas, creative things, recipes, you name it. She is the coolest Mom who offers so many creative and fun things for her kids. I love seeing her latest posts.

Hope you enjoy! :)


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