2 Calorie Treats

If any of you know our cat Oscar, then you know he loves treats.  I swear this cat is a dog.  He loves treats (and will sit at command to get one).  He plays catch and comes when you call him.  He’s a great cat and definitely the size of a dog.  Being a Maine Coon, he’s a big boy!

I was giving him a treat the other day and actually took notice of the package, only to read that it says that each treat has 2 calories.  I had to laugh.  They are advertising that each treat has two calories and what a healthy choice for your cat.  Give me a break!  Like I’m watching how many calories my cat is taking in each day.  I have enough trouble watching how many calories I take in each day.  I guess Oscar can have a treat and I can have a Tic Tac and we’ve both eaten the same amount of calories.


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